Tax Enquiry Fee Protection

We can defend your position and ensure HMRC are not being unreasonable should your affairs come under scrutiny...


In recent years HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have been using various methods to increase the volume of enquiries and investigations launched into clients’ Tax affairs. This has very often been into businesses and private individuals that have apparently clean tax returns and seemingly no real reason to be investigated.

The end result of these unwarranted intrusions is very often either marginal or nil additional tax being due. However, answering and defending these HMRC enquiries takes time, effort and specific expertise, and the resulting fees incurred in dealing with such matters ends up being an additional unwanted cost, which can easily escalate to thousands of pounds.

In view of the above and numerous client requests we have partnered with Vantage to provide a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service. Vantage is a market leader with one of the most comprehensive polices and nil excess. We recommend that you consider taking protection against the additional fees that will arise in the event of a tax enquiry or dispute as these are not included with your current fees.

Clients who join are also able to obtain unlimited helpful telephone advice about the complex areas of Health & Safety and Employment Law and Business Legal support.

By joining, you will have peace of mind that Stoten Gillam can defend your position and ensure HMRC are not being unreasonable should your affairs come under scrutiny. Our costs will be covered by our insurance policy.

To find out more and take out cover please click on this link to apply for Fee Protection, where you will be taken to our online purchase page with Vantage detailing more information about the service and pricing. Vantage are on hand to assist with any questions you may have and how to join our scheme. You can also contact your usual Stoten Gillam contact to discuss our Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service.